Nuclear fuel tubes

Sandvik's program of zirconium alloy nuclear fuel cladding tubes cover all fuel designs and most technical specifications. Our to date manufacturing experience of nuclear fuel tubes is well over 60,000,000 meters for more than 100 reactors worldwide.

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Sandvik's manufacture of zirconium alloy nuclear fuel tubes is a completely integrated process that starts with alloying and melting zirconium sponge and concludes with the finished tubes.

This completely integrated manufacturing process enables us to control and optimize a wide range of critical process parameters to safeguard the extremely high quality and material property demands.

The result is safe and trouble free performance during reactor peak activity levels and the targeted life time of the nuclear fuel elements of which the cladding tubes are the most critical component.

Nuclear fuel types

Sandvik manufactures nuclear fuel tubes to the following nuclear fuel types:

  • BWR
  • AGR

Size range and grades

Boiling Water Reactors - BWR
Fuel designs 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10
成绩 Zircaloy-2, Zircaloy-2 variants and new developments
Zircaloy-2 plus an inner surface liner of alloyed or pure Zirconium
Size range: OD 9 - 25 mm (0.354 - 0.984 in.)
Pressurized Water Reactors - PWR
Fuel designs 15x15, 16x16, 17x17, 18x18 and VVER
成绩 Zircaloy-4
New Zirconium based alloys
Size range OD 8 - 15 mm (0.315 - 0.590 in.)
Heavy Water Reactors (HWR, CANDU)
成绩 Zircaloy-4
Size range OD 12 - 16 mm (0.472 - 0.630 in.)