Sandvik 2RE69 high-alloy stainless steel

Sandvik 2RE69 ("25.22.2") was developed specifically for the most severe conditions in the urea production process. It is a special high-alloy stainless steel grade with a very low or zero ferrite content.

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The growing popularity of Sandvik 2RE69 in the urea industry is largely due to its exceptional ability to resist corrosion in highly aggressive environments, enabling process equipment to run much longer.

Case in brief

At the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) urea manufacturing plant, Kalol, India, tubes in Sandvik 2RE69 were installed in the 'stripper', the section of the process subjected to the highest pressure and temperature. These tubes, which have lasted more than 27 years, owe their record-breaking service life to the careful balance and fine-tuning of the chemical composition that ensures exceptional corrosion resistance.

Case story

The exceptional performance of Sandvik 2RE69 tubes in German urea manufacturer SKW's CO2 strippers has resulted in a world record time of 36 years on-stream.

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