We supply manifolds produced by hot isostatic pressing (PM HIP). The manifolds are used for collecting oil/gas from wellheads as well as for water injection.

Sandvik HIP products acquired by MTC

Sandvik’s HIP products has been acquired by MTC from April 6, 2020. Over the coming months MTC will be integrating the Sandvik portfolio, to provide a smooth transition for customers. During the integration period, the full line of Sandvik HIP products will continue to be accessible on this website, or via theMTC website.

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因为繁殖受到酸的服务d high pressure, high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance are required characteristics of the manifolds material.

Sandvik uses a hot isostatic pressing (HIP) manufacturing method based on powder metallurgy to ensure the required high mechanical strength of the components. The materials used are duplex and super-duplex stainless steels, austenitic stainless steels or nickel alloys, the best choices for sour service.

Excellent resistance to HISC

By using pure duplex, super-duplex or nickel alloy powder and powder metallurgically based hot isostatic pressing (PM HIP), Sandvik HIP products have excellent resistance to corrosion and hydrogen-induced stress cracking (HISC). Sandvik HIP products' resistance to HISC is documented in DNV RP-F112.

Example of manifold produced by Sandvik by hot isostatic pressing (HIP)

Manifold/manifold system
Customer/field Scomark, England/Marathon, East Brae, North Sea
Material UNS S31803, duplex stainless steel alt. UNS S32760, super-duplex stainless steel
Dimensions 400 mm (ID 16 in.)
Weight 1-4 tonnes/piece

Oil company increases manifold reliability and service life by using HIP products.